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Titanium dioxide breaks down smog particles in the air, and students in the US have shown that in one year, one roof coated in it can break down the smog from a car that’s driven 17,000 km(10,500 miles). And every day, 21 tonnes of smog could be eliminated by one million treated roofs.



Farming Cuba — A new model for cities and countries facing threats to food security brought on by the end of cheap oil

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Cuba found itself solely responsible for feeding a nation that had grown dependent on imports and trade subsidies. Citizens began growing their own organic produce anywhere they could find space, on rooftops, balconies, vacant lots, and even school playgrounds. By 1998 there were more than 8,000 urban farms in Havana producing nearly half of the country’s vegetables. What began as a grassroots initiative had, in less than a decade, grown into the largest sustainable agriculture initiative ever undertaken, making Cuba the world leader in urban farming. Learn more in Farming Cuba: Urban Agriculture from the Ground Up, by Carey Clouse, available now from PAPress.

If Researchers are Right, This Rock Will Make Solar Power Cheaper than Coal

In 2007, a student at the University of Tokyo brought a lump of a grey, sparkly mineral to his professor Tsutomu Miyasaka, with the hope that this material might have potential to make cheap and efficient solar cells. But it only converted 4 perce…


Fire on the mountain | Foothill farm, St. Ignatius, MT


World’s First Dual Purpose Solar System Generates Electricity & Heat

This integrated rooftop solar system could be the future of solar energy. Combining PV and thermal systems creates a dual purpose solar roof which produces electricity and heat for the building. Though it’s in testing phase and not yet on the commercial market, this solar system hold great promise for the future of clean renewable energy.

The rooftop array combines thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) panels with a solar thermal duct system that warms and cools the air. The top layer produces electricity from the sun just as a normal PV panel would, while heat is trapped between the layers and distributed to the home. SOURCE: Inhabitat

If you’re going to install a solar system on your home, it makes sense to combine multiple technologies which compliment one another. The logistical genius of this solar roof is a no-brainer for the distinguishing off gridder who wants more bang for their solar dollar.


Make a Biogas Generator to Produce Your Own Natural Gas

Transform grass clippings, food waste and livestock manure into renewable biogas energy with a homemade biogas generator.

By Paul Scheckel

Photo by Isaac Marquez


Turn an Old Camper into a Recycled Hen House

A thrifty homesteader from Oregon transformed an old, junky camper into a snug hen house.

By Karen Denman